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The 6 Most Common Items On Everyone's 'Bucket List'

A ‘Bucket List’ (a list of things you want to accomplish before ‘kicking the bucket’) has infiltrated mainstream media, gaining mega popularity in the past few years. People from secondary school age to late retirees have a bucket list filled with life goals and adventures to fulfil. Whether you have it written down, in your head or call it something entirely different, everyone has something they hope to achieve to within their lifetime.

So what are the top 6 on everyone’s list?

1. See The Northern Lights

Research shows that most people have ‘visit one of the worlds wonders’ on their list! Travelling to a spectacular natural wonder will always be worth the time and effort to get there. The most popular is the Northern Lights – a dazzling natural light show in the sky. Others include seeing the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and Niagara falls.

2. Swim With Dolphins

Getting up close and personal with the some of the world’s most interesting and exotic creatures are a popular item for the list. Some people exchange ‘dolphins’ with ‘sharks’ or ‘sea turtles’ but either way, most people have an ocean animal encounter on their list!


3. Write A Book

This one is on a large proportion of peoples’ lists and quite an accomplishment! Leaving a legacy in the form of the written language is a dream for many of us. It takes time, research and a passion for your subject to complete a book, but it also requires strong determination. Most people complete their bucket list items in their ‘spare time’, but as this one takes up so much of that time you could be going for years – that’s what makes this one a great achievement and one for the bucket list!


4. Climb a Mountain

Physical achievements are high on peoples’ list. Similar to climbing a mountain (an incredible feat and testament to endurance) people have ‘Run a Marathon’ or ‘Swim the Channel’ on their lists. Although the activity itself may only last a day or two, training takes months and recovery could be intense so it can be a once in a lifetime chance for some and takes a lot of dedication.

5. Go Skydiving

Skydiving, bungee jumping or similar terrifying activities aren’t reserved only for adrenaline junkies! Experiencing the unique feelings of hurtling through the air at a deadly speed is something you will always remember. Thanks to modern technologies we can experience this and live to tell the tale! Putting yourself on the edge and pushing through those fears is one of the top items on everyone’s list. Its quite amazing to be able to say ‘I jumped out of a plane and survived’!

6. Become Financially Stable

This one may be a surprise to be ‘on the bucket list’ but research has shown it’s one of the six main life goals people have and it’s increasingly something people put on their ‘before I go’ lists. Although many people experience a time in their life that they feel they will ‘never be financially stable’, it is more achievable than most immediately realise. This is a dream in itself for a lot of us but also leads on to being able to achieve other dreams and lifelong goals!

So there you have it, the top 6!

Other popular bucket list items are;

  • road trips (specifically the American ‘Route 66’ drive)

  • getting a tattoo

  • walking the Great Wall of China, and

  • a Safari trip

Along with the sight seeing and adrenaline pumping activities, plenty of life long dreams that people yearn to do before they go are things like;

  • starting a family

  • getting married

  • owning a house

  • running your own business, or

  • performing live on stage

All of these are fantastic and enriching goals to have and there are so many more ideas out there!

Does this list resonate with you? What would you put on your list?

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